Brown's Upholstery

Fabric Companies

Below listed are several fabric companies that we use.  If you click on the link to their website you just have to follow their site directions to view fabrics from the comfort of your own home.  Some of them will allow you to order samples to be sent directly to you and others will require that we order the samples for you, if you need us to order a sample simply submit your name, address, phone #, and the sample you need, don't forget to include the fabric company name.  You can submit this information on the "contact us" page from our menu above. The fabric companies also do not allow customers to view pricing, so you will have to contact us for that as well, and we will be happy to do that for you.  Thank you for your interest.  (Below companies are listed in alphabetical order, Brown's Upholstery does not prefer any one company over another, we value the business of each of our wonderful fabric companies.) 

Local Fabric Stores

**Though we recommend these companies we are not affiliated with any of them and hold no responsibility for any damages incurred by using their services.**

Mesa Sales ( retail upholstery supply) 480-833-7025


Useful Businesses

Chair weavers Etc. (for your caning needs) 602-339-5513

Psycho Jock Embroidery 

Burdette Cabinet Co, 480-830-8818 or

Legend Specialty Service (Matt) **carpet cleaners**  480-283-2324 (highly recommend)

AZ Desert Movers (Will) 480-227-6311 or 480-641-4848 (highly recommend)