Brown's Upholstery

Our Story

Brown's Upholstery (also known as Brown Road Interiors) is a family owned and operated business.  Pete and Barb Lopez, husband and wife, are the owners of this wonderful company.  Brooke, Nathan, and Dominic are the staff.  Brooke and Nathan are the daughter and son of Barb and Pete.  The business was bought from Mike Brown, who owned Brown's Carpet Care and Upholstery, in 1992 when Mr. Brown decided to relocate to another state.  Pete and Barb had been doing subcontracted work for Brown's Upholstery before owning it so it was a good choice!!

Since taking over in 1992 we have taken this shop to new levels.  We have gone from simple reupholstery to taking on some exciting jobs that were very challenging.  We had a sofa with an embroidered dragon from end to end on the inside back and we removed it and reupholstered the sofa and re-embroidered it onto the new sofa!  We have custom built furniture for numerous people and done things that they thought were only doable in their imagination!  We have even done work for the set of the movie "THE KINGDOM".  And so much more!!!

We are happy that you are interested in our company and if you would like to know more about the staff individually just click on the Testimonials link and read about us!

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Brown's upholstery family

Our Team

Our team is made up of wonderful, talented and super friendly people!!!  Read on to meet each individual and get to know a little more about each of us.


Pete Lopez  (owner) 64!!!  Pete was born in April of 1952 to Sofia and Pete Sr.  He was born in Joliet, Illinois where he grew up.  He has two brothers and one sister, and he is the second oldest.  Pete comes from a large family with lots of uncles with whom he tagged along with as a kid and they taught him how to do many trades.  On summer breaks from school he would like to go with his uncles to work to earn money and in doing so he learned construction work, building, electrical, and more.  He went to Joliet Central Highschool where he graduated in 1970 and then went to work for the Joliet steel mill.  All through his life back to being a five year old little boy he had a strong love for music and taught himself to play the drums, gitaur, piano and more, as his hobby.  He had his first son Aaron in 1972 and took time to work and be dad so his music went on hold.  Pete trained in a factory to do upholstery and took an apprenticeship with Kroehler Manufacturing.  Then in early 1975 he began doing his own upholstery work in his mother's basement as his new career intrest and then later in the year he met his wife to be, Barb!  He persued her for weeks and succeeded.  They married in 1977 and went had the second of Pete's four children.  Pete had been teaching Barbara all the tricks of the trade and then came along Brooke, Pete's third child, a beautiful little girl!!!  Then in the winter of 1979 the big blizzard came and business came to a halt and they decided to relocate to Arizona where the weather would be nicer!!!


Barb Lopez (owner) 58!!!  Barb was born as Barbara Morgan in August of 1957 to Margaret and Stanley Sr.  She was born in Streator, Illinois where she lived until her family relocated to Joliet, Illinois.  She grew up in a family of seven, two brothers, two sisters and mom, dad, and herself!  She went to Joliet Central High School and graduated in 1975.  Over the summer after graduation she helped a friend out on her paper route and that is how Pete found her.  He got on his bike and followed her and asked if he could ride with her and she said "it's a free country"!!!  Well as it turned out they lived only a block or two apart and Pete went to her home and asked her father if he could take her on a date, he said yes!!  Well In May 1977 they married and began their family with the first of their children together, Jacob, then two years later came daughter Brooke.  In  the "blizzard of 79' they relocated to Phoenix, AZ and after a year they moved finally to Mesa, AZ where they then had the last of their three shared children, son, Nathan.  When back east in Illinois Barb worked with Pete in his upholstery shop, Golden Touch, and that is where he trained her in cutting and sewing.  Once in Arizona they worked for a few different upholstery shops such as "Lazy Boy Furniture" and "National Contract Furnishings".  While  they together did side work for "By the Yard", "Veterans Upholstery", and more, out of their garage and home!  With over 32 years experience this lady knows what she is doing and let me add, she makes the BEST slipcovers you will ever see!!! 


Brooke Lopez 36 years old!!  Mother of three beautiful children, she is the only daughter to Pete and Barb Lopez, born in September of 1979, in Joliet, Illinois.  She moved with her parents to Arizona in December of 1979.  She grew up in Mesa where she went to Kino Jr. High and then went on to Westwood Highschool and graduated in May of 1997.  She decided to enter in the family business, though she had spent almost every summer since childhood at the upholstery shop.  She began working as the receptionist while she then attended AIBT Jr. college.  She graduated in May 1999 with a 4.0 in business management, operations and accounting.  Then Brooke went on to complete 2 years in interior design study at Mesa Community College.  She decided to focus on the work at the upholstery shop and decided to learn to do more, she began doing estimating and cutting.  She now does all the customer relations, if you call the shop she will most likely be the voice on the other end!!  She still does most of the cutting and goes out to customer homes on estimates.  She is very friendly and customers just love her!!!


Nathan Lopez (30)! Nathan is the youngest of Pete and Barb's children, he was born in Mesa, Arizona in March of 1986.  He grew up in Mesa as well and went to Pinnacle Highschool and graduated in 2003.  He is still single and has his pet kitty, named Mao, he also has his pet snake and pet lizzard and a dog named Mugger, who is also our shop dog.  He is a true animal lover and passionate about music and loves anime.  He has helped out in the family business since he was a kid and it was just natural for him to maintain his position in the company after graduation.  He does the pick ups and deliveries and all different things around the shop.  He strips furniture, refinishes furniture, cuts and stuffs cushions and in the last six months has been learning to reupholster as well.  He is very quiet and keeps to himself, but many regular customers always comment how kind and helpful he is.