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We have a list of references available to prospective customers, just give us a call or stop in and we can arrange that.  For the privacy and protection of our customers we cannot post their names or information on this site.


with the permission of the customer:  Dirk & Kandi we are posting their testimonial....

** STOP right here if you are looking for a quality upholstery company with the best pricing in the valley.  I am a German engineer and possibly the worst person you want to do business with since I am over-critical, and a perfectionist where the very best is seldom good enough. 

 During my past twelve years as a guest in the US I was generally disappointed when I was in need of good old fashioned craftmanship that required attention to detail, except when I was expected to pay professional prices for something that a bloody amateur could have done better -- except - with Brown's Upholstery in Mesa, AZ. 

  There are no words that can describe how I felt when our sectional was delivered on Good Friday 2009, but one thing is for sure - possibly for the first time in my life I felt guilty for not paying more money!  I was astounded how our furniture was transformed from an embarrassing, worn down, filthy, pet soiled piece of garbage - to the pride of our house.

  THANK YOU to everyone at Brown's Upholstery for making me a believer again!  THis is a down to earth family with Mid-Western integrity and skills that needs to be recommended for thier work, and where I am hoping that my writing will encourage to put your trust and furniture in to the hands of this wonderful family.  As God is my wittness--you will not be disappointed.

Kandi and Dirk

North Scottsdale, AZ

 (this customer has allowed us to provide you with their name and phone number, all you have to do is call and we can give you the information to speak with them yourselves!!! )

In the News

Brown's Upholstery has been featured in the East Valley Tribune two seperate occasions, the first was back on September 25, 1999.  In this article Pete was named "Man of the Cloth" by journalist Carrie White.  It was a wonderful two page article that told the story of Pete and his business.  The second article once again written by journalist Carrie White, described how Pete had a dream and invented a new style of chair,(to see this chair you will have to come in!!!)